Quick And Easy Heart Applique

This heart applique is fun, quick, and easy. You can add it to any project or make long tails to use it as a bow tie for gifts!


• Worsted Weight Yarn
• Size US F5/3.75 MM Crochet Hook
• Scissors



• Create a magic loop and ch-4.

Inside the magic loop…
• 2 tc.
• 2 dc.
• 2 hdc.
• 1 dc.
• 2 hdc.
• 2 dc.
• 2 tc.
• Ch-4.
• Sl-st to magic loop.
• Cut yarn and pull through last st.
• Pull beg yarn tail to tighten magic loop.
• Use hook to weave ending yard tail through to back of heart.
• Tie yarn tails together with a double knot.
• Leave tails to tie to another piece or cut them short, the choice is yours!


You may print or repost this pattern and you may sell products made from it, but you are asked to please reference it’s original author and source (listed below). Happy hooking!
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