Meet Her Cats

If you love cats as much as I do, then this is the page for you! Here, I’ve compiled a little bio for each of my fur-babies, including a caption below each photo that lists all of their nicknames (spoiler alert: there are a lot!).

– GIMLI – BIRTHDAY: August 7, 2014. NICKNAMES: Jimmy, Jimmy Jimco, Jimothy, Jimbo, Jimbo Baggins, Jumbo, Jumbo Jet Jimmy, Timmy, Timmy Timco, Timothy, Tommy, Tommy Tomco, Thomothy, Poof, Poofy, Poofins, Poof Nugget, Poof Nug, Nugget, & Nuggins.

Gimli is a purebred Siberian Forest Cat with flame tip points. I’ve been told his coloring is quite rare for Siberians. Jimmy boy holds a very special place in my heart. He is our first kitty baby. My husband, Brian, surprised me with him in November 2014 and I was so excited I just about lost it! Jimmy’s hobbies include napping, afternoon snuggles on the couch, napping some more, and meowing only when he’s worried that his food bowl is getting low. All of our cats get along just fine, but they also know better than to even think about trying to push Jimmy around. He’s king of the castle around our house… all 17 pounds of him!

– COSMO – BIRTHDAY: June 22, 2015. NICKNAMES: Moe, Moemiss, Moemothy, Pinch, Pinchy, Dinchy, Minchy, Munchie, Dunchie, Spank, Spanky, Mitch, Mitchell, Micheal, Bean, Beanie, Beanie Baby, Beanie Weenie, Teenie Weenie, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Beanie Baby, & counting!

Cosmo is a black Domestic Short Hair with a little patch of white on his chest. We call it his soul patch 🙂 Bean, as I like to call him most of the time, is our second baby boy. We decided to adopt another kitten in 2015 so that Jimmy wouldn’t be lonely while we were away at work. Bean’s hobbies include meowing loudly and randomly for no reason, rubbing our legs and asking for butt spankins (he loves it!), playing with hair ties, laying on his back and staring at us hoping we’ll notice how cute he looks, rubbing his face all over a nail file while mommy tries to use it, and making biscuits on mommy’s throat while she sleeps lol. He is clearly full of character, thus all the nicknames.

– PHENIX – BIRTHDAY: September 2016. NICKNAMES: Baby, Maybe, Bart, Bert, & Baby Cat.

Phenix is an orange mackerel tabby Domestic Short Hair. My friend Wesley rescued him and his siblings right before hurricane Matthew hit Central Florida in 2016. All snuggled up in a cardboard box, she brought those kittens into to our office one day. The others had all found new homes, but I knew that scraggly little orange baby was going to be mine. With some convincing, my husband finally agreed and we took him home. He must have been only 4 or 5 weeks old at the time because he was sooo tiny. I’d fostered a kitten that young before though so I knew how to care for him. I must have done a good job too because he’s grown up to be taller than Gimli! Height aside, I still call him Baby because, well, none of my cats are called by their actual names lol. 

Pepper and Misty.png
PEPPER: aka PP, Peep, Lil Bo Peep, & Butternut PP. MISTY: aka Mitt, Mittlie, Poo Poo, Noo Noo, & Snoo Snoo. BIRTHDAY: April 2017.

Pepper (a black DSH) and Misty (a gray tabby DSH) are sisters and besties. They originally came to me as foster babies in 2017, but ended up becoming foster fails. Good thing they’re cute, because they are serious trouble makers! Pepper, or PP as I like to call her, enjoys stealing food from our countertops and breaking things, but she is also the snuggliest kitty ever so she makes up for it. Misty also tries to steal things when we aren’t looking, but it’s usually just a hair tie or two. Mitt is one of our only cats who loves a good game of fetch, usually with a stolen hair tie. PP and Mitt fell madly in love with Phenix Baby Cat as soon as they met him, and Baby fell in love with them right back. It melts my heart when I find them all snuggling together ❤

And there you have it! Gimli, Cosmo, Phenix, Pepper, Misty, Brian, and I make up one big happy family. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about us all 🙂