My New Cozy Fall Scarf


I recently finished the Secret Paths scarf pattern by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet. I took this project on knowing it would take a while, which was great for me because I had plenty of time to kill. I did find myself needing to make a few stitch adjustments in order to make sure either side of the triangle kept an even number of stitches, but that may have been due to an error on my own part. Either way, I am quite happy with the end result.

The yarn I used was Lion Brand Mandala in Centaur and I used an H8/5.00 MM crochet hook. Johanna also has a quick photo tutorial for beaded tassels which I added to each corner of my scarf.

Here’s to hoping Florida cools down soon so I can wear my new masterpiece!


Crochet Buttoned Cowl

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing cozier than a warm cowl scarf. This pattern is essentially the same as my Crochet Buttoned Mug Sweater but on a larger scale. I’ve also added a button on the inside to keep it from sliding.


• Worsted Weight Yarn
• Size US J10/6.00 MM Crochet Hook
• Scissors
• Tapestry Needle
• Tow Large Buttons



• Leaving a small yarn tail, create a slip knot and ch-38.

Row 1:
• 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
• *Ch-3. Sk 3 chs. 1 sc in next ch. Rep from * across.
• Ch-3.
• Turn.

Row 2:
• 4 dc in each ch-3 sp across.
• 1 dc in top of last st.
• Ch-1.
• Turn.

Row 3:
• 1 sc in first sp.
• *Ch-3. 1 sc between next cluster of dcs. Rep from * across.
• 1 sc in last ch sp.
• Ch-3.
• Turn.

Rep rows 2 through 3 until fabric measures about 30” long and end on a row 2 (should be about 73 rows).

Create a border around:
• 4 sc in each ch sp on the side for each dc row. 4 dc in each ch-3 sp across the bottom (1 sc/ch-2 in each corner). 4 sc in each ch sp on the other side for each dc row.
• Cut yarn with scissors and fasten off yarn tail and any other loose ends with tapestry needle. Fold over to make collar. Attach buttons (one on inside and on outside). The image below shows where to attach them. Use the spacing between your clusters to hook the buttons to your work after they’ve been attached.


You may print or repost this pattern and you may sell products made from it, but you are asked to please reference it’s original author and source (listed below). Happy hooking!
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