I’ll admit, it isn’t always easy to feel creative. So I recently turned to reddit for crochet ideas. Donating hats was a suggestion, so I searched for charities that take crochet items. Through my search I found Care Wear. They take volunteers nationwide who will make and ship handmade baby items to hospitals on their list. They even have patterns you can use for specific items! I chose hats and will be mailing them to a local hospital. They also have print out tags that they ask you to attach to your shipment, that’s all it takes to be a volunteer for them!

Crochet Snowflake Granny Square

Now that it’s December, I wanted to share a wintery pattern with you all. We don’t get snow here in Florida, but a girl can still dream about a winter wonderland! So with that I give you my Snowflake Granny Square pattern. Enjoy!


• White & Gray Worsted Weight Yarn
• Size US I9/5.50 MM Crochet Hook
• Scissors
• Tapestry Needle



Beg (start white):
• Leaving a small yarn tail, ch-4 and join to first ch with a sl-st to form a ring.

Round 1:
• Ch-4.
• 1 dc in ring. Ch-2. *1 dc in ring. Ch-2. Rep from * 5 more times.
• 1 sl-st in 3rd ch from bottom of beg ch-4 to join rnd.

Round 2:
• Ch-1.
• *(1 sc, ch-2, 1 sc, ch-4, 1 sc, ch-2, 1 sc) in next ch sp. Rep from * around.
• Fasten off.

Round 3 (start gray):
• Join gray yarn to a ch-4 sp with a ch-1. 1 sc in same sp. *Ch-2. 1 dc in next ch-2 sp. 1 dc in next ch-2 sp. Ch-2. 1 sc in next ch-4 sp. Rep from * around.
• Sl-st once in top of beg sc to join rnd.

Round 4:
• Ch-1.
• 1 sc in top of same st. *2 sc in next ch sp. 1 hdc in top of next st. 1 dc in top of next st. 1 dc and 1 tc in next ch sp. Ch-2. Sk next st. 1 tc and 1 dc in next ch sp. 1 dc in top of next st. 1 hdc in top of next st. 2 sc in next ch sp. 1 sc in top of next st. Rep from * around.
• Sl-st once in top of beg sc to join rnd.

Round 5:
• Ch-2.
• 1 dc in top of each st, (3 dc, ch-2, 3 dc) in each corner ch-sp around.
• Sl-st once in top of beg ch-2 to join rnd.
• Cut yarn with scissors and fasten off yarn tail and any other loose ends with tapestry needle. Finished square measures about 5”.



You may print or repost this pattern and you may sell products made from it, but you are asked to please reference it’s original author and source (listed below). Happy hooking!
© Mandy B, Createfully Ever After™. All rights reserved.

Petal Coasters


I finished these Petal Coasters about a week ago. I love how Christmasy they turned out! The pattern is by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet. I’ve worked another one of her patterns before and loved it, which I blogged about here. If you don’t already follow her, I highly recommend that you do. She creates wonderful patterns that are a lot of fun to work!